Threats made toward Islip Schools

What you need to know


On the evening of April 24, parents of students in the Islip School District received a ParentSquare notification that no parent expected to receive — threats had been made against Islip Schools. 

The letter from Superintendent Dennis P. O’Hara, which has since been posted to the Islip School District website, details that the Superintendent’s office was made aware of threats against the Islip community in general and Islip Schools specifically. 

The threats were made by a single suspect through social media to an individual who is not related to the District. That individual notified the District of the threats.

While the Superintendent clarified that he can not provide many details at this time, he went on to share what safety measures have been taken in light of these threats, which the District and SCPD are taking seriously. 

“When this came to our attention yesterday afternoon, we immediately informed our head of security and contacted the Suffolk County Police Department,” shared Superintendent O’Hara in a statement to The Islip Bulletin. “Throughout the evening, our head of security was in communication with the SCPD.”

Superintendent O’Hara shared that he has personally spoken with the Inspector of the Suffolk County Police Department 3rd precinct. In addition, the director of security has spoken with the Inspector of the 5th precinct, as that is the precinct that received the initial complaint. 

It is important to note that schools within the Islip School District have been closed for spring recess all week, and will not reopen until Monday, as regularly scheduled.

I am confident the Suffolk County Police Department will be able to provide closure for us prior to the reopening of school,” O’Hara stated. 

Despite the schools being closed for spring recess, there are three home sporting contests today, Thursday, April 25. 

We have added security personnel, and informed our coaches, clerical and buildings and grounds employees so that they can be alert and on the lookout. A photo of the alleged suspect was provided to all security personnel and the groups mentioned above,” shared O’Hara. “There will be a police presence at school events the remainder of this week and, if necessary, Monday, when school reopens.”

While the police continue their active investigation, the District will remain in close communication and continue to partner with them to assure the safety of students, faculty and staff. As far as receiving more information from the District, O’Hara expresses his gratitude to the Suffolk County Police Department for their support and partnership, and shared that he will continue to update the community as soon as information is available.

“Until then, please remain observant and vigilant,” advised O’Hara. “As always, ‘If you see something, say something.’”

To contact Superintendent O’Hara with any questions, or if you have any information, he can be reached at  631-650-8210 (office) and 516-315-6723 (cell).