Theatre solar panels ready; awaiting PSE&G okay


There are 332 solar panels atop Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts. And they’re awaiting power from PSE&G.

“Solar panels were ready to go for five weeks from Johnson Controls,” said Dennis Smith, Patchogue Village’s administrator of special projects.

“PSE&G shut the transformer on the utility pole and Johnson did the interface to connect the panels to the grid,” Smith said. “Now Johnson Controls has to submit the closeout paperwork and get the permission to operate letter from PSE&G. After they approve it, then we can produce power.”

Johnson Controls were nudging PSE&G every week.

Patchogue Village signed a contract with Johnson Controls in March 2021 to save energy, cut emissions, and ultimately save money.

“Annually, we look to save 278,342 of kilowatt hours per year, which should translate into an electric savings of $44,575 a year,” Smith said. “The carbon emissions, 197 metric tons, don’t get released into the air. That translates into how much CO2 doesn’t have to be released by the utility company to power the theater.”

The carport solar panels will be next.

“That’s pretty much ready to go, second to third week in July,” Smith said.

Smith added, “The $5.2 million the energy contract covers seven facilities and all the roadwork. It replaced aging equipment, replaced streetlights, and put solar panels on buildings. And $8.2 million will be saved over 25 years. We’ll receive $800,000 from sales of excess power sold over the grid.”


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