State of the Town address

Carpenter thanks councilmembers for individual initiatives


On Monday, April 10, Town of Islip supervisor Angie Carpenter addressed constituents from Islip Town Hall East in a live broadcast for her annual State of the Town address.

A member of the Brentwood VFW led the councilmembers and audience (off screen) in the pledge and a member of the Parks Department sang the national anthem.

Carpenter spoke of the past year as “being a difficult year” with “immense challenges,” but praised her fellow councilmembers and commissioners on “[rising] to meet the challenges.”

The 2022 budget was praised by Carpenter for showcasing her commitment to residents for fiscal responsibility and for “[taking] action despite adversity.”

Of particular note was the $1.6 million in assistance given to renters in the Town of Islip through the Emergency Rental Disbursement Commission.

Coming soon is the Keep Islip Thriving commission, which will be disbursing funds to local mom-and-pop businesses and non-for-profits who have lost revenues due to the pandemic and will be given out as grants.

Under Carpenter’s leadership, she has vowed to make the Town of Islip “greener” in environmental and waste disposal initiatives and celebrated the installation of solar farms in Holbrook.

This past year also saw the opening of Roberto Clemente Park and the Islip Town Animal Shelter, the latter of which has adopted out hundreds of animals.

The Parks Foundation has also started on a state-of-the-art sensory garden that will be of particular interest to those with autism and seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Recalling her attendance at a conference for leaders in local government, Carpenter said, “At every level [of government] we share the same concerns. We are unified in our determination for a better tomorrow.”

Carpenter lauded the new structure of the Town of Islip Council that originally had at-large voting and now has four councilmatic districts.

For each councilmember, Carpenter spoke of their individual initiatives that they had spearheaded.

For John Cochrane (R-2nd District), Carpenter spoke of his work with the Islip Town Veterans Advisory Board and especially his unique insight into helping veterans, being one himself.

For Mary Kate Mullen (R-3rd District), Carpenter lamented that the nation in the past year has seen a 28.5 percent increase in annual opioid overdose deaths in the country, raising the statistic to over 100,000. Mullen has been leading a Drug Abuse Task Force that is pursuing education and awareness of the opioid crisis to schools and community members. In September, the Town of Islip “went purple” to stand in unity and solidarity of addressing the opioid crisis.

Jim O’Connor (R-4th District) has been improving the accessibility and quality of life for disabled Town of Islip residents, according to Carpenter. He serves on the Disability Advocacy Board, where he “…removes barriers, promotes opportunities [through] steadfast advocacy,” said Carpenter.

Jorge Guadron (D-1st District), who was elected in November 2021, was lauded by Carpenter for embodying “the American Dream” as a young man who came to the U.S. as a teenager in 1980 from El Salvador and worked his way to be an influential businessman. Carpenter complimented Guadron on his involvement in the civic life of the community.

Carpenter thanked her commissioners for handling “late-night/early-morning texts” and “24/7 availability.”


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