Residents urged to ‘lock it up,’ watch out for neighbors, and always report issues

Brightwaters hosts community safety meeting


On Monday, April 11, the Village of Brightwaters hosted a community public safety meeting at the Bay Shore-Brightwaters Library. The meeting was attended by New York State Sen. Phil Boyle, Suffolk County Legis. Steve Flotteron and Suffolk County Police Department Community Oriented Police Engagement (COPE) Officers Peter Rivera and John Wright.

During the meeting, multiple officials spoke of the importance of locking one’s car and watching out for neighbors. Many people leave items or even their keys in their car, which are easy targets for theft.

Watching out for neighbors was mentioned because when people live next to each other, even if they are not best friends, they will begin to learn each other’s routine. If neighbors notice a garage door left open or newspapers beginning to pile up, they should reach out to make sure everyone is okay or aware of the issue, as it could help keep people safe.

All of the officials also spoke about the importance of actually calling 911 when there is a theft or issue. Flotteron spoke about how many times he sees people post on Facebook about something that happened to them but when he reaches out to the person, he discovers that they in fact never called the police to report the problem.

In an issue that is more unique to Brightwaters, trustee Patrick Fawcett reminded residents that every year there are issues with thefts from boats in the canal and that residents should not leave gear on their boats, as it is easy bait for thieves. Once all of the officials spoke, residents were invited to ask questions of the officials or COPE officers. Many residents had questions for the officers about reporting crimes and obtaining police reports.

The officers shared the phone number for their COPE Office in case residents would like to get in touch. The number should not be used for emergencies. The SCPD COPE numbers for Officers Rivera and Wright is 631-854-8308.

Brightwaters village budget

On Monday, April 4, the Brightwaters Board of Trustees held a public hearing on the 2022-23 budget. The budget was passed without going over the tax cap. There will be an increase in village taxes of 67 cents per 1,000 of a home’s total assessment, which is an average of about $30 to $40 per home. There will also be an increase of $13 per home for garbage, which is contracted through Alpha Carting. Capital projects for the 2022-2023 fiscal year will include a newly constructed Department of Public Works building and new sidewalk pavers and lighting on the northeast corner of Orinoco Drive that intersects Pine Acres Boulevard. Seasonal employees will be brought up to minimum wage. The ambulance expense was lowered due to the contract with Brightwaters Ambulance, and their new soft billing program that will bill the insurance companies and the village will pay the difference.