Public support helps save mailman’s job


By Grace Mercurio

After an outpouring of overwhelming support from the Brightwaters community, Matt the mailman has been officially reinstated and resumed his letter-carrying route on Monday, Feb. 12!

Matt is loved by the entire community of Brightwaters for his diligent work, kind character, and the way he goes above and beyond for those around him. He is known to pick up trash along the roads of his route, look after houses while families are on vacation, and always have a smile on his face.

“He is a terrific guy. You see him walking down the street, talking to people, engaging with the kids and pets and everybody,” shared Brightwaters mayor John Valdini. “The residents feel he is part of their family.”

When Matt, who has worked at the Brightwaters post office for nine years, was suspended without pay for delivering holiday letters to residents without postage, Brightwaters residents knew they had to do something to help.

Dawn Sosa and her boyfriend, David Mckeown, bought 50 lawn signs and 100 bumper stickers displaying “Save Matt the Mailman,” gifting the merchandise to friends who also wanted to show their support.

The second and third round of signs were printed by Debbie Lyons and Eddie Jansen from the Brightwaters Beverage Center, and residents scrambled to get their hands on the signs to show their public support of their beloved mailman. Lyons and Jansen also collected letters from residents endorsing Matt and his character.

“When he did his statement with his union rep, he handed in about 150 character-reference letters,” shared Lyons.

Word of Matt’s reinstatement spread over the weekend, and as Matt delivered mail on Monday, he was greeted by balloons and “welcome back” signs from the houses and businesses along his route. Many residents also added a “we” and “d” to their lawn signs, which now boast “We Saved Matt the Mailman.”

“He is happy that he is reinstated, and he cannot even say how much he appreciates that the town got behind him like that,” Lyons shared on her mailman’s behalf.

After finally resuming his job, Matt can now continue to do what he loves the most: serve his community. 


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