Public hearings held on local laws and preliminary budget

Brightwaters Board of Trustees meeting recap


The Brightwaters Board of Trustees held a meeting on April 4, during which they held a public hearing on the 2022-23 preliminary budget as well as on repealing and replacing two local laws.

The board continued a public hearing on Local Law 2-2022 to repeal and replace a section of 108-18, Placement of Materials or Objects in Certain Locations Prohibited. The board said they are trying to counter residents leaving things on the street. The proposed law states, “No person shall construct, erect, store, plant, obstruct or place any material or object, including any type of sports equipment, on any paved or unpaved portion of any Village street or roadway, except as permitted in Section 108-13 of this code.”

Village attorney Charles J. Casolaro noted that since the last public hearing, the village changed some of the language in the law. Originally, there was verbiage about “village right of way” that was found to be confusing and was taken out of the text.

The board opened a public hearing on Local Law 3-2022 to repeal and replace section 128-52, Illuminated Signs. Mayor Valdini noted that the law originally only prevented the addition of neon signs on the exterior of buildings. In the local law change proposal, the board added verbiage to include interior illuminated signs. It states, “No outside exterior or interior signs may be erected or maintained unless a full description of the same is submitted to the Village Building Inspector and a permit for the erection and maintenance thereof is maintained.”

The board rendered a decision in the application of SafStor for a height variance for the construction of a storage facility on Howells Road. The current building on the site is one-story and 36 feet high. The proposed storage facility would be a three-story building that is 36 feet high. The board of trustees had previously held a public hearing on the variance and the zoning board held two public hearings. The board approved the application for a height variance 4-1 with trustee Michael Dopsovic voting against. Casolaro said the applicant must now go before the planning board to review the site plan and once the site plan is approved by the planning board, the application will come before the board of trustees again for a final stamp of approval. The board will need to hold another public hearing before rendering a decision.

The board also opened a public hearing on the 2022-23 preliminary budget. The village is under the tax cap with an increase of about 2 percent. Taxes will increase about $30 to $40 per house, the mayor noted, with an additional approximate $13 increase per house for garbage. Wages were increased to minimum wage for seasonal workers, such as camp counselors and lifeguards.

On Saturday, April 16, the village and the Bay Shore Lions Club will be hosting an Easter egg hunt at 3 p.m. at Wohseepee Park. Also coming up on Monday, April 11, at 7:15 p.m., the village will be hosting a Community Safety Meeting at Bay Shore-Brightwaters Library. Elected officials and the Suffolk County Police Department will be on hand to discuss safety in the village. There will be a set program with plenty of time for open discussion and input from residents. The board asks that if you have a specific topic included or can’t make the meeting to email


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