Newcomers, has-beens, never-were’s and never will be’s singing and dancing

‘A Chorus Line’ at The Argyle


Argyle Theatre’s current production of award winning “A Chorus Line” is a musical theatergoers delight, stripped down to the bare basics of why audiences go to the theater… to be thrilled by talented actors showcasing their very best through music and dance. 

No massive sets, no glitzy costume, just raw talent has driven this show for decades with its original groundbreaking, diverse group of young, hopeful actors, mirroring the reality of those trying to make it in show business—each with their own backstory, their own personal journey revealed on “the line.”

Newcomers, has-beens, never-were’s and never will be’s are singing and dancing their hearts out to get that one break in a Broadway show that will make their years of singing lessons, hours of ballet practice, the weight of life’s trials to get there, all pay off. It’s where all the hard work to stand on that stage all makes sense. Their stories invite the audience into their souls—relatable, personal connections shared through their art.

The progression from first setting foot on the stage to audition to ultimately weeding out those not selected for the chorus line to casting the final chosen ensembles showcases every style of dance… jazz, tap, ballet. The precision of each dance number was both exciting to watch and flawless. A congratulatory nod to choreographer Francine Espiritu, who also co-directed the show with Evan Pappas.

The score included memorable songs that have been sung for generations and still hold up. The original production showcased at the Shubert Theater in 1975 and was the longest-running Broadway musical until its closing in 1990.

The opening number sung by the entire company, “I Hope I Get It,” sets an idealistic tone. “At the Ballet,” sung by Taylor Aragon, Emma Vielbig and Jenny Dalrymple, was magical. It’s a toss-up whether you’ll leave the theater singing “One… singular sensation…” or “What I Did For Love,” led by Zoe-Marin Larson with the company. But most assuredly, you will be leaving the theater singing.

Standout monologues by Lexie Plath, who plays Cassie, a seasoned performer disillusioned and wanting to start her career over on the chorus line, and Yamil Rivera playing Paul, whose lifestyle forced him to flee his home life and find a new family in theater, can literally bring one to tears. They’re so emotionally charged.

The upbeat “One” is reprised for the last number, enthusiastically sung and danced on the chorus line, high kicks and all, gloriously costumed in bedazzled top hats and tails. 

“A Chorus Line” runs now through March 24. A wonderful way to experience the excitement of Broadway right in Babylon. Don’t miss it! 

For tickets call the box office 844-631-5483 or 631-230-3500. 

In their words, “Let Argyle entertain you all season long.” Get a season subscription and all the perks that go with it! 


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