Momentum to create healthy community cookbook

Looking for recipe submissions


The last two years have been difficult for so many people for a variety of reasons, and because of that many people have been eating poorly.

Lisa Penziner and Courtney Hagemannn, of Momentum at South Bay for Rehabilitation and Nursing, are working to try and change that. Penziner, an RN, is the director of special projects at Momentum at South Bay, and Hagemann is the chief clinical dietician at momentum at South Bay. The two are working to create a community cookbook with healthy recipes geared specifically for those with diabetes.

“Diabetics have not been going to doctors,” Penziner said of the last two years. “They have not been watching what they’re eating. So, we decided to put together a diabetic education and management program at Momentum. It’s a short-term patient program.”

On June 27, Momentum at South Bay kicked off the event with an “eating expo,” where local restaurant Home Town Cafe and Momentum’s own food service director made healthy dishes and kicked off a new recipe book that Hagemann put together.

Hagemann noted that about 50 people attended the event and that the food service director cooked balsamic glazed shrimp from the cookbook.

Now Momentum is working on the second cookbook to share with the community.

“What we’re going to be doing going forward is asking the community to bring us some of their favorite recipes,” Penziner said. “You know, the comfort food, the great-grandma’s goulash and things like that, and Courtney is going to turn them into a healthier version, and we’re going to make a second cookbook for the community.”

“One of the other things that we pride ourselves on is that the community is very important to us. Keeping the community healthy, being involved with the community, and also once our patients are discharged making sure that we follow up with them.”

The first community cookbook that was put together is approximately 20 recipes and geared towards diabetics.

“Diabetics should be able to enjoy their pasta and indulge here and there, but we want to make sure that it was a little on the healthier end,” Hagemann said.

Hagemann and Penziner said they are excited to see what recipes the community brings forward. They ask that individuals share a story about the recipe along with their submission, so that the cookbook is deeply connected to the community and more personalized.

Another great way Momentum at South Bay is helping the diabetic community is with the creation of a support group for the community. Attendees do not need to be diabetics or at Momentum to join the group.

“So, we’re going to have it once a month at Momentum and it’s going to be not just for diabetics, but anybody that wants to live well, eat healthy, and talk about wellness, fitness, and recipes and all kinds of stuff,” Penziner said.

The support group begins on July 21 and will be held on the third Thursday of each month.

In addition, Momentum has teamed up with a company that has a Bluetooth that will help patients who use a glucometer to take their blood sugar. When patients get home, the glucometer can be linked up to the Bluetooth, and it can be monitored by a nurse seven days a week. The nurse would be able to see if there are spikes or dips in the patient’s blood sugar. The glucose levels could also be sent to doctors or the patients’ family members. Penziner noted that the program is covered by Medicare, so it does not cost the patient anything.

Anyone interested in submitting a recipe for the upcoming community cookbook is asked to drop them off at Momentum at South Bay at 340 East Main Street in East Islip. Individuals can also pick up copies of the community cookbook at Momentum.


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