Brightwaters meeting recap


On Aug. 2, the Village of Brightwaters held their board of trustees meeting in Village Hall. Here is a recap of what was discussed.

Suffolk County police report

In their police report, officers reminded residents to keep their doors locked to both their homes and their cars, as there have been a few isolated larcenies in the village in the last month. In addition, residents were asked to take anything valuable with them when they get off their boats, as some people have been reporting items missing.

Mayor John Valdini brought up the issue of people driving ATVs around the village and if there was anything the police could do to stop the nuisance. Officers said the best way to handle the situation is to try to determine the homes the ATVs are coming from, so they can speak to the individuals calmly when they are not on the vehicles as chasing them can lead to dangerous situations.

Report of the mayor and trustees

The mayor and trustees praised the Restore the Gazebos fundraiser that occurred this past weekend and said a great time was had by all. Bricks are still being sold for anyone who wants to dedicate one as well as donate to the fundraiser. Valdini said the event was such a success they are looking into hosting similar events on a yearly basis.

The mayor and trustees all asked residents to be aware of their speed in the village, as it has been noticed that many individuals are speeding as well as blowing past stop signs.

Looking forward, Valdini said to anticipate some sort of ceremony on Sept. 11 to remember the 20th anniversary of the event.

Public hearing

A public hearing was opened on local law 3-2021 to amend section 119-4 of the code of the Village of Brightwaters to add a stop sign at Hiawatha Drive and Ackerson Boulevard. Residents spoke in favor of the sign.


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