Local team graduates from Canine Companions


On Friday, Feb.11, 30-year-old Matt Lindblad of Islip received his second service dog, Boylan II, from Canine Companions. Lindblad had previously had a service dog when he was a child. Lindblad is pursuing a career in art, and is also a standup comedian. Boylan is a 2-year-old Lab-golden retriever cross that will help Lindblad with over 40 advanced commands that are useful to a person with disabilities.  Boylan can turn lights on and off, open and close doors, as well as pick up dropped items. Graduation marks the end of a rigorous two-week training program, where highly trained service dogs are partnered with a recipient and both human and canine are trained to work together as a team. Learn more about Canine Companions at canine.org.


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