Helping and educating women on hair loss

Nikeya Burnett and Sereen Hair Studio


All of the different occupations of Nikeya Burnett’s life have led her to what she does today: helping women feel their best.

Burnett, the owner of Sereen Hair Studio in Islip, went to BOCES for cosmetology and graduated in 2004.

“Growing up, everybody knew me for hair and fashion,” Burnett said.

In 2006, Burnett left the hair industry and went into medical billing and later worked for an insurance company. Eventually, Burnett ended up working at the Northwell Cancer Center in Bay Shore, which was her first time working directly with patients. Burnett said right away she saw there was a gap and that no one was educating women on their hair loss.

So, in December of 2019, Burnett took a leap of faith and opened Sereen Hair Studio. Of course, only a few short months later, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but Burnett said that she discovered that her business plan was pandemic-proof—as she said, “health care doesn’t stop.”

At Sereen, Burnett focuses on education and making women feel comfortable and confident. She holds consultations with women and educates them on wigs and takes their measurement for custom wigs. She advocates for greater education for stylists on women experiencing hair loss so that they may better help their clients. She recently taught a class for about a dozen stylists and salon owners on the topic. She also uses her background in medical billing and insurance to help women navigate the insurance plans and getting reimbursement for their wigs.

“My mission is to make every woman feel good in their hair and/or without,” Burnett said. “Confidence is always key. I always tell women that it’s you against yourself. You are in control of your happiness no matter what the journey looks like. I’m always pushing being positive and optimistic. It makes a big difference and when they have someone, they can ask questions, too.”

Burnett said she is proud to educate women on this issue because so many people tiptoe around it, which helps no one.

“It doesn’t help them with not knowing what to expect,” Burnett said. “A lot of times they don’t know that hair is going to start shedding two to three weeks after chemo treatment; they don’t realize their scalp is going to be sensitive. I’m honest and real with women.”

“Sereen is a safe space for women to come in and feel how they want to feel,” Burnett said.

Sereen Hair Salon is located at 478 Main Street in Islip. More information can be found at


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