Garbarino and Republicans sweep, as of now

Weik, Boyle, Gandolfo see percentages above 50 percent


No official results have been posted as of Wednesday morning, but the unofficial Board of Elections polls indicate a fairly red election year.

“There’s about about 140,00 to 150,000 absentee ballots cast that have to be opened by Democrats and Republican representatives at the Board of Elections,” said Suffolk County Democratic chairman Rich Schaffer. “Once the 140,000-150,000 cast are opened and tallied, I believe some of these results will be different. I told all our candidates [to] give the Board of Elections time to do what they do best, count all the votes in a bipartisan fashion.”

As of now, the leader of each race relevant to Islip Bulletin’s readership is the Republican candidate.

“They are trailing, but we always knew Republicans vote on Election Day and Democrats vote via absentee ballots,” Schaffer said. “Absentees must be postmarked by Nov. 3, and received by the board by Nov. 10 and I believe they’ll start counting next week Monday or Tuesday.”

Jesse Garcia, Suffolk County Republican chairman, provided a statement, as well.

“Last night was a big night for the county and town Republican committees and parties,” Garcia said. “As to Schaffer’s valid point about the absentee ballots, our strategy and plan all along was to capture the energy of the Trump truck rallies and close this game in the fourth quarter. We had a plan to drive out our voters to achieve victory on election night and exceed numbers of votes on absentee ballots.”

Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino (R,C,L-Sayville) declared a victory at midnight after getting numbers in from Nassau County.

“We won Levittown two to one, then 80 percent in Massapequa,” he said. “Once we were up by 42,000 votes, we knew we were going to win."

Garbarino’s lead in U.S. Congress District 2 against Democratic challenger Jackie Gordon (D,WF,I) in Suffolk County was 98,277 votes as of Wednesday morning to Gordon’s 83,256. Garbarino is currently carrying 53.56 percent of the vote over Gordon’s 45.37 percent. In Nassau County, he led 57,808 in votes to Gordon’s 26,979. Garbarino voted at Bayport High School at the end of his campaigning day in Nassau County in six voting areas that started at 7:30 a.m. to noon. Then he concentrated on Sayville.

“Every election night I have dinner at The Sayville Inn. It’s closed but they’re opening it up for me.”

Republican challenger for state Senate District 3, Alexis Weik (R,C), is leading over Democratic incumbent Monica Martinez (D,I-Brentwood). Weik is sporting 56.66 percent of the vote, compared to Martinez’ 43.32 percent, as of Wednesday morning. Weik said that, on Election Day, she visited call centers and helped make phone calls after voting in the morning in Sayville.

Regarding state Senate District 4, Republican incumbent Phil Boyle, (R,C,I-Bay Shore) is leading Democratic challenger Christine Pellegrino. Boyle currently has 59.87 percent of the vote, as of Wednesday morning.

As Garbarino’s seat in the Assembly is up for grabs, Republican candidate Jarett Gandolfo (R,C,I) is leading Francis Genco (D), 65.56 percent to 34.42 percent in the polls, as of Wednesday morning. Gandolfo voted at the Sayville Academic Center on Greene Avenue at 7 a.m. with his wife Natalia Gandolfo. “It took over an hour, but we had good company,” he said. After that, it was on to Toast in Patchogue to chow down on a good breakfast. He was campaigning in Sayville and after that, it was on to East Islip.

  Sam Desmond contributed to this story.


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