Election Day is November 2


Suffolk County Legislator

11th Legislative District

Steve Flotteron (R), Incumbent

Flotteron, who lives in Bay Shore-Brightwaters, is currently finishing up his second term and running for a third.

Flotteron comes from a financial background and sees that as an attribute that helps him make wise decisions in the legislature.

“My background is as an insurance agent, stockbroker and financial planning,” Flotteron said. “I think I’m one of the few voices that understands the financial shape the county is in, I know how to handle some of the questions on budgets.”

One project that he is proud of helping to bring together is the Fire Island Wastewater Solutions Coalition.

“There was no real plan for wastewater on Fire Island,” Flotteron said. “It is its own unique geological place. I am proud of bringing all these people together and coming up with a plan with how to move forward.”

Flotteron noted that one of his strengths is his ability to bring people together, whether it’s to talk about an issue or to work together on a project.

“I have no problem getting on the phone and getting donations,” Flotteron said. “I go to a lot of community events. I take business cards from people and keep a rolodex on all of these personalities so that when I have a topic, it’s like ‘Aha, let me get her card or his card and bring people together.’”

Flotteron graduated from SUNY Fredonia and has lived in the Bay Shore area since 1995. He served as a councilman for the Town of Islip for 12 years.

Astrid Fidelia (D)

Fidelia is a community leader from Islip who is running for the Suffolk County Legislature in the 11th Legislative District.

“As a community leader, I’ve been in the trenches and I see the needs of the community and I want to bring what I’ve learned from the community and bring it into government,” Fidelia said. “I want to bring that level of leadership into government.”

Fidelia is a licensed real estate broker with a background in economic development. She was formerly the Town of Islip trade zone director.

As the CEO and co-founder of Stand Up to Poverty, Fidelia sees running for office as a natural extension of her work in the community.

“I’m a visionary,” Fidelia said. “I always look at ways to improve things, create opportunities for others because I have the heart of a servant. I love to serve. I grew up serving. I want to be able to do that in government at a different level so that I can continue my work but add value to it.”

Fidelia is actively involved in the Haitian-American community on Long Island and prides herself on her ability to help others and help them feel comfortable reaching out to her.

Fidelia recently ended her term as president of the Rotary Club of Islip and lives with her husband and four children in Islip.


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