‘El Toro’ remains undefeated


Cementing his status as a champion fighter, Alex “El Toro” Vargas secured his 12-0 professional record at the Paramount in Huntington on Thursday, Nov. 11, after defeating Argentinian Sebastian Chaves in a grueling six-round fight.

By unanimous decision, Vargas was declared the winner with two judges scoring the fight 6-0, and one at 5-1.

“If I had to guess, it would be the third round that the one judge gave to my opponent. The round was a lot closer and he was landing some clearer shots,” Vargas said, though it is not revealed to competitors which rounds were scored in their favor.

Vargas dominated the majority of the bout, relying on his characteristic footwork and Peyton Manning-like ability to figure out the defense. Chaves was a worthy opponent, knocking out a 5-0 prospect in less than 30 seconds at his last fight.

“There wasn’t much footage of him,” said Vargas, “but there was a good amount of amateur film.”

Taking on a fight in less than three weeks, Vargas lost an impressive 30 pounds (from around 170 to 143) to get in the ring with Chaves.

Normally, Vargas has more time to make weight class and has more energy for training, but the last two and a half weeks were focused on dropping pounds.

Getting his first cut from an opponent (above his left eye) in the last round, Vargas’s team lucked out with not having to treat the injury with Vaseline.

In a misstep, Vargas’s foot caught the canvas laid on the bottom of the ring, which the referee noticed and ensured did not result in a point for his opponent.

While taller, Chaves was unable to punch on the inside.

“He was not a big puncher,” said Vargas. “He had snappy, quick shots.”

Having only fought on Friday or Saturday nights in his professional career, Vargas’s fandom proved loyal for a weeknight with over 100 shirts and the majority of tickets sold being for his corner.


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