Dublin Deck celebrates 25 years

From a small cabin cruiser to the tourist spot today


“Time flies when you’re having fun,” is how Mark Miller, one of the partners of Dublin Deck, described the last 25 years that Dublin Deck has been in business.

Miller recalls hearing the marina, known as Pier 66 in Patchogue, had been bought by the Rose family. He said he called up and asked to speak to Ric Rose, not knowing if he had any idea who he was.

“I congratulated him on buying the marina and asked if they had any plans for the snack bar that services the boats,” he said.

At that time, the snack bar was known as The Riverside and previously River Deck. It was nothing more than a cut down cabin cruiser, or makeshift bar, that sat on a deck, with no roof and no walls.

“They had a tiny little kitchen, and [its purpose] was [to] more or less to service the boat slips in the marina,” Miller explained. “Originally, the previous owner had planned on coming back. I told Mr. Rose, if anything changes to please call me. I told him I had a good idea and that we were good with short notice, if need be. Turns out, the phone rang just a few days before Memorial Day, and the rest is history.”

Over the past 25 years, Dublin Deck has slowly become a legendary waterfront tiki bar and grill. Each and every year, improvements have been made and the vision of the Dublin partners slowly took shape. 

“Mark was the first one to recognize that this could be a gem one day,” said partner Scotty Campbell. “Frank and myself went down to check out what he was talking about way back when. I remember being in the parking lot saying, ‘Where is it?’ He said, ‘It’s right there… right in front of you.’ There was literally nothing there except a flat deck and a little hut for the kitchen. The more he spoke, the more we could see the vision that he had. Without question, Frank and I were in! For more than 35 years in and out of a dozen businesses, we have always trusted each other and backed it up with hard work.”
As the years progressed and an opportunity to buy the marina from the Rose family became an option, they added a fourth partner in Kenny Becker. 

“After speaking further with Scottie and Mark, I could really feel a bond that exists between these three partners… Frank Mills, Mark Miller and Scottie Campbell,” Becker said.

When the rest of the Rose family was ready to retire, Becker was just getting started. He loved running the marina and wanted to be a part of the tight-knit group. The eventual purchase of the marina was seamless.

“We could focus on Dublin Deck and all it could be, while Kenny did the same with Leeward Cove Marina,” explained Miller.

His vision was to eventually create a place that is famous for Long Island tourism, but even more important to hundreds of locals who are now are regulars. Dublin Deck is now a full-service bar and restaurant, which is open in the summer months only. They are open seven days a week for lunch, dinner, and catering.

Dublin Deck is well known for its live music outside, under the palm trees that they have shipped in, on the water that is the Patchogue River. There are over 200 boat slips, with several slips available for restaurant diners, free of charge.

At the key of their success has been focusing on a different genre each day of the week: Wednesday is country night; Friday and older ‘70s-music type of crowd; while Thursday typically caters to a younger 20s and 30s singles crowd.

“We have had so many awesome memories. Countless couples who have been married for a long time had their first date at Dublin Deck. We have catered hundreds of celebrations from birthdays, religious celebrations, weddings, and of course a few funerals,” Miller continued of the business’ success. “What we are most proud of is the amount of fundraisers and causes we have pledged our efforts and our restaurant to, literally millions of dollars raised and passed through to multiple causes of local need. When I tell people while traveling that I am from Long Island, I am amazed how many immediately say, ‘You are from Long Island? Have you ever been to Dublin Deck?’”

A big congratulations to Dublin Deck’s 25 years in business, to which the owners have endearingly called Dublin’s midlife crisis. According to owner Campbell, they are just halfway there. Once the place is really where they believe it can be, they plan to hand the keys to their children and their children’s children to carry on the legacy and the vision Mark once had. 

For additional information about Dublin Deck you can visit the website@dublindeck.com, or take a boat ride down to the Patchogue River and look for the tall palm trees on the leeward side of the river.


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