Bravo Foxtrot finds new home

Organization’s administrative offices now in Sayville



Local veterans’ organization Bravo Foxtrot United Veterans Inc. has found a new administrative home in Sayville.

The organization, which had been based on Main Street in Bay Shore, is now based on Sunrise Highway Service Road in Sayville, in the same complex of John Pappas Furs. Back in March, one of the founders of Bravo Foxtrot, Matt Simoni, held a small rally on Main Street in Bay Shore to make people aware that they were looking for a new home. The organization tried to find a new home in Bay Shore, but after not being able to find one, they were able to secure the location in Sayville.

The new location, while not on Main Street, is in a very visible location, which Simoni said is ideal.

“It puts us on the map, and I feel like we took a big leap forward,” Simoni said.

Simoni noted that the new location is the administrative headquarters for the organization. Bravo Foxtrot will be able to hold small meetings or meet with politicians, but the hard work will be done “out in the field” when they conduct drives or meet with veterans. Simoni said that the organization plans to continue servicing the Bay Shore area, where they developed relationships with residents and veterans. The location is also great because the organization will be subleasing some of the rooms in the large office-style building in order to save money.

Bravo Foxtrot was able to secure the location in Sayville after Jade Pinto, another founder of the organization, connected with the owner of the strip mall, Eve Poppas. Pinto, who is a tattoo artist, has a client who works at a salon in the complex who put her and Poppas in touch. Simoni said he gives much credit to Pinto and her networking skills for the organization securing the new location. Simoni also noted that Poppas has been incredible and “has connected us with so many people, even in just the short amount of time they have known her.”

Bravo Foxtrot will officially move into their new Sayville location on June 1.

About Bravo Foxtrot

Bravo Foxtrot was founded by Simoni and Pinto in 2021. Simoni served four tours in the United States Navy from 2006 to 2016 and created the organization to help veterans assimilate back into civilian life.

Simoni’s goal with Bravo Foxtrot is to “establish a residential program to provide temporary/stable housing and holistic therapy to veterans, facilitating their successful reintegration to their families and communities.”

Simoni and Pinto want Bravo Foxtrot to help veterans in a way that feels all encompassing. They hope to open their rehabilitation center in upstate New York and include holistic therapy, meditation in motion, guided meditation, planting and gardening work, working with animals, and integrated therapy as a lifestyle, as opposed to an approach where veterans get help in small doses or hourly meetings.

“I think one of the biggest things is support,” Pinto said. “A lifestyle that’s therapeutic rather than individual hours for therapy.”

Simoni said for many combat veterans, including himself, the return to civilian life is extremely jarring and veterans need a place they can go to help them reintegrate.

“We come back to a home and country that the vast majority does not understand,” Simoni said of the return to civilian life. “They don’t get it because it’s only like 1 or 2 percent of the entire population that enlists in the military.”

“I think it’s our duty to do everything that we can do to support this relatively small population of people that a lot of help and support can be given to.” 


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