A more picturesque downtown

Brightwaters set to receive funds from county


Earlier this month, county lawmakers voted to allocate and appropriate $500,000 in competitive funds to various downtown projects including $20,000 for the Brightwaters Downtown Revitalization Committee.

The money from the county is in connection with Phase 18  and Phase 19 of the Downtown Revitalization program.

Applications were evaluated by the Suffolk County Downtown Citizens Advisory panel and ranked according to a merit based scoring system. Applications received points for ability to leverage additional funds, economic impact of the project, reasonable expectation of completion, and whether the project is an integral part of the overall improvement of the associated downtown.

Brightwaters Village trustee Pat Fawcett said the village will be matching the $20,000 from the county with approximately $22,000, for an approximate total of $42,000 to be used to make Orinoco Drive going from the vacant lot east to Pine Acres Boulevard pedestrian-friendly and safe. This will also include matching the lights and planters with the other corners in the downtown that have already been updated. Fawcett said that hopefully the project will break ground in the spring as two other grants from the county are still outstanding.

Suffolk County Legislature presiding officer Rob Calarco said these grants help draw people to local downtowns.

“Patchogue Village is a great example of what a vibrant downtown can be,” Calarco said.

In years past, Patchogue Village received county grant money to create and beautify walkways between parking lots and Main Street to help visitors feel safer and make the area feel more vibrant.

This year, the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce is set to receive more than $27,000 to install a custom archway at the Main Street entrance to Roe Walkway.

“These critical dollars empower our communities to complete projects that will strengthen our downtowns and generate increased economic output. I am proud to support so many civic-minded organizations who are committed to innovative growth and collaboration,” Calarco said in a press release.


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