A ‘dreamy’ store

Cosmic Dreams Apothecary


This past year, a new female-owned shop has opened its doors on Islip’s main street. Cosmic Dreams Apothecary is co-owned and operated by Gina Gentile and Amanda Burns, who both share a love for metaphysical and nature-inspired items. Their passions are evident in their magical inventory and storefront.

Burns was working as a secretary previously until the opening of the business. Now, she manages the storefront and handles most of the transactions. Gentile was and still is a full-time photographer. Although a demanding career in itself, she finds balance with her passion for photography and spends most of her time with the business behind the scenes of the operation.

Originally an online-based company, Cosmic Dreams specialized in handmade soaps and bath bombs. They decided to choose the term “apothecary” in addition to their title when opening their storefront because they wanted to keep the door open for more than just their previous selection of goods. Their inventory has thus expanded with the opening of the storefront, and many unique items are available for purchase.

“In addition to handmade soaps, we sell metaphysical items such as healing crystals, cleansing bundles, incense, herbs, essential oils, pendulums, ritual candles, tarot/oracle cards, books, dream catchers, candles, CBD body products and more,” Gentile said.

A lot of items relate to cosmic/witchy nature-inspired, spiritual, healing and self-loving entities, which require personal connection and touching, Gentile explained, and described how she and Burns are passionate about distributing these special items with proper good intentions.

Cosmic Dreams Apothecary is also the only metaphysical shop on Long Island that offers a fully stocked DIY spell jar bar. “Customers can come in, pick a jar, and fill it with crystals, herbs, moon or rainwater, intentions or more, and then we seal it with ritual candle wax,” Gentile shared. “We also offer custom wire wraps for pretty much any crystal we sell.”

Crystal healing and spiritual work has become very popular within the last few years, and this is a perfect spot to start your own journey!

Local residents have had wonderful experiences while visiting the shop. Its convenient location on Main Street caused its opening to have a huge success. This hidden gem has been recommended by neighbors and friends who have found serenity in the cute shop.

Burns and Gentile have many plans for the future of their store, including after-hours events. These events will soon begin, with workshops and gatherings, as well as group or private readings. Gentile added that she and Burns have been discussing some other ideas for the future as well.


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