Scam targeting Bay Shore businesses asking for money
A scam is pretending to be from a local athletic program

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Scam targeting Bay Shore businesses asking for money


A company soliciting Bay Shore businesses for sponsorships has been falsely claiming that doing business with them benefits the Bay Shore Union Free School District’s athletics program. The company, Sports Media Group, is an Illinois-based sports marketing company that connects fans and sponsors to assist schools in generating advertising and sponsorship revenue. The district could not relay to the Islip Bulletin the names of the solicited local businesses, but did confirm that the claims are illegitimate.

“This company has no affiliation with the Bay Shore School District, and the money that they receive from businesses in no way benefits our athletes or teams,” said Krystyna Baumgartner, a representative for the district. “If any business is ever contacted by someone claiming to act on behalf of the district and are unsure whether it is a legitimate solicitation, we encourage them to call the district to verify the information.” n