Uptick in car break-ins in Brightwaters
Police are warning about car break ins in Brightwaters

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Uptick in car break-ins in Brightwaters


Residents of the Village of Brightwaters recently endured a surge of car break-ins. Between Sept. 7 and 10, four vehicles were entered by unknown persons. Each vehicle contained items reported stolen, including credit cards, cash and a calculator.

The four break-ins were separated into three incidents, as two of them occurred one after the other in a parking lot on Howells Road. The other two incidents were reported on Richland and Pine Acres boulevards.

The Village of Brightwaters released a statement regarding the surge, urging motorists to lock their vehicles and report crimes like these to Suffolk County Police Department immediately.

“At our monthly board of trustee meetings, the SCPD officers that attend urge all residents to follow this course of action,” wrote a village representative in a press release dated Sept. 10.

An additional break-in occurred last Friday, Sept. 13 in the village on Howells Road, in which two cell phones and several credit cards were jacked. This marks the sixth vehicle break-in in Brightwaters since June 1, according to data provided by SCPD.

“I remind all residents to always close car windows and lock car doors to help prevent becoming a victim,” Suffolk County police commissioner Geraldine Hart said. “If at all possible, do not leave valuables in your vehicle, but, if necessary, do not leave them in sight, or lock them in the trunk. Also, always try to park in well-lit areas.”

Each of the break-ins involved a theft of some sort, including cash and credit cards, which adds to the weight of the advice to tuck away valuables out of sight. Both the village and SCPD implore motorists to take whatever measures necessary to maintain the safety of their valuables.