Dear Readers

Dear Readers


Dear Readers,

It is with a joyful and yet heavy heart that I inform you of my retirement as editor of the Suffolk County News and Islip Bulletin newspapers. This will be my last issue.

The decision to retire was a difficult one to make and in fact, it took me over a year to commit to it mainly because I love what I do. Over the past 22-plus years – a little over nine of them as editor – I’ve enjoyed bringing you the stories of our lives from school news to government and politics, the work of various civic, environmental and veterans groups and covering the arts to high school sports. These are all the important facets that make up our communities and I always felt privileged to be able to write about it. In fact, I once commented to a friend: “In what other job could I interview a ballerina in the morning and a football player in the afternoon?”

My favorites, though, were the features that highlight local history and the remarkable people living around us that are making history today. It has all been wonderful. And, it has been a lot of fun. But now it’s time to have a different kind of fun – write a book, travel, and spend more time with family.

Although I will not miss the weekly deadlines, I will miss meeting new people and hearing regularly from the people that I’ve met along the way. And I’ll miss working with my amazing colleagues. The whole staff here does a great job of bringing the newspapers together every week in a way that makes me look good.

I leave the papers now in the very capable hands of my successor, Nicole Fuentes. I know she will do a good job.

So thank you, dear readers, for putting your faith in me to bring you the local news. The truth is, I’ve worked the hardest in this position than any of the others beforehand, but this one has truly been the most rewarding.


Liz Finnegan