A few thoughts for graduates

A few thoughts for graduates



Last weekend, all of the school districts in our reader area held commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2018. It was a bittersweet moment for the grads as they ended one chapter in their young lives and poised to begin another. No doubt for many, that new chapter is perhaps a bit confusing and frightening beyond the comfort and security of home, school and community. But here’s some advice they should hold on to before setting off to face the world beyond those borders.

First, take care of your body by making good choices. Your life and well-being depend on it.

Always seek the truth. It seems truth is becoming a rare virtue these days, if current events provide the example. We are now living in a world spinning with opinions that are released in a nanosecond, and too often those opinions are taken as fact. It certainly can be difficult to decipher what’s real and what’s not.

Keep in mind that there are elements of truth in all statements before they are transformed. And that’s why it’s important to sort through all of it by listening and reading. Begin by embracing history. The past is an educational tool that provides a foundation for understanding what is currently happening in our country and around the world.

Read newspapers to get the news. Facebook is not a good source. Newspapers have been the most reliable medium for documenting history over the years. However, read multiple newspapers in order to check facts. And then keep an open mind to new information.

Always hold on to the desire to learn. Then be willing to share that newfound knowledge to ensure it will never be lost.

Be tolerant and respectful of others. It’s the only way to be a role model for civil behavior that seems to be lacking lately.

Never be vulgar. Vulgarity only leads to an acrimonious divide. Discuss any differences rationally.

Strive to help others, especially those less fortunate. Generosity is contagious and can lead to positive change.

And finally, always be kind. Kindness is a behavior that makes even the most difficult of times a little better and strengthens the feeling that all of the efforts to do so have been worthwhile.