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Letter to the editor

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Letter to the editor

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To the Editor: 

In a recent story about opposition to the plans for the Island Hills Golf Club that was widely circulated online, but has since been corrected, a statement was incorrectly attributed to me.  

I never said that I was confident that the zoning will be approved. In fact, I strongly advocate for the town’s review process that includes numerous and comprehensive analyses that look at the underlying planning, traffic and environmental aspects of the proposed development before any zone change is considered. At the town’s recent public scoping hearing held by the planning board last month—which approximately 100 residents attended—many important and helpful concerns were brought to the attention of the town’s planning staff. Due to their input, a broader scope will now be studied and reviewed before any decision to change the existing zoning is made.
We believe that our proposed plan for the shuttered Island Hills Golf Club property can make an important economic and cultural contribution to the continued vitality and desirability of Sayville.  


Gregg Rechler

Rechler Equity Partners