Islip Town demolishes vacant property
Islip Town demolishes property

Courtesy of Islip Town

Islip Town demolishes vacant property


BAY SHORE—Islip Town officials were present for the demolition of a house and accessory structure on E. 3rd Avenue last week. The property and the accessory structure had been neglected to the point that they became unsafe and in immediate danger of collapse due to structural failure, disrepair and neglect, according to an Islip Town press statement.

The structures were determined to be in imminent danger of collapse by the town’s chief building inspector. Overgrown vegetation had also posed a fire hazard to the dilapidated house and the neighboring houses. 

“Houses like these aren’t just an eyesore that brings down the property values of responsible homeowners, but are also health hazards to our neighborhoods,” said Islip town supervisor Angie Carpenter. “We are going to eliminate the threat to the welfare of our neighborhood that is posed by these houses.”

The Islip Town Board amended the town code to streamline the demolition process in early 2015. The amendments to the town code allow public nuisances, like the vacant house on E. 3rd Avenue, to be addressed more efficiently, according to Islip Town officials.

Earlier this year, the town board decided to tear down another vacant property in Central Islip. A representative from Islip Town told us they aren’t permitted to release the address of the property or when it will be demolished.