All library budgets pass

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All library budgets pass


SUFFOLK COUNTY—On Tuesday, residents turned out for the annual library budget and trustee vote in their district. All budgets passed.

Here are the results:

The Bay Shore – Brightwaters budget passed by 253 votes. There were 67 no votes. Incumbent Joan Mason Dollan won with 282 votes.

Voters passed East Islip’s budget with 162 - to 47. Incumbent John Flynn won another five-year term with 190 votes.

In Islip, the budget passed with 154 yes votes to 39 no. Incumbent William Wexler was reelected.

And in West Islip, the budget passed 301-36. A new trustee, Dana Waite Esposito, won a five-year term with 297 votes.

All of the library directors expressed their appreciation for those who made an effort to vote and thanked them for their support. East Islip director Guy Edwards added, "We look forward to serving the community in the coming year."

The budgets take effect July 1, 2018.