March is a lion…so far
White-tailed deer caught in a flood over the weekend on Ocean Beach.

Photo by Shoshanna McCollum

March is a lion…so far


ISLIP TOWN—It’s only the first week of the new month and our area has already experienced two destructive nor’easters, the second slated to be taking place just before this printing. It’s mindboggling to think that spring is less than two weeks away. But as the saying goes – “March comes in like a lion.”

According to the weather service at MacArthur Airport, last Friday, March 2, the temperature hovered in the upper 30s, while a biting north wind blew between 25 to nearly 40 miles per hour, and there were frequent gusts that were clocked at 50 miles per hour. The rainfall was measured at over 3 inches.

Although Saturday was warmer at around the mid-40s, the persistent winds blew around 30 miles per hour with gusts of around 40 miles per hour, and another inch of rain fell. By Sunday, even though there was trace precipitation, it remained breezy with frequent gusts of 25-30 miles per hour. The wind, coupled with temperatures that dropped to the mid-30s, made it seem so much colder.

PSE&G reported some power outages in our area for the first nor’easter and there was flooding in the low-lying areas near bodies of water. On Fire Island though, the flooding was widespread.

Shoshanna McCollum, who resides on Ocean Beach, said the water was deep. She noted that friends in various other towns on the barrier beach had posted photos on social media indicating the flooding there was just as serious.

“And the kicker was it just lingered. Usually it recedes some with the tides, but not this time,” she said.  

No doubt the full moon over Saturday and Sunday had a lot to do with that situation as it did with Sandy back in October 2012.

As of this printing, there are no reports yet on the effects of the latest storm that the weather service is calling Quinn. McCollum said she’s “hoping the next storm is not interesting at all.”