Keep off the roads
SCPD officers help motorist stranded in snow

Courtesy of @ LeeLee N. Mike/Facebook

Keep off the roads


In last week’s blizzard, a state of emergency was issued from Gov. Cuomo on down to Islip Town, which means roadways should only be open to emergency vehicles. Still, there were cars on the road. Why?

One of the reasons was that the state and county courts on Long Island remained open when they should have been closed. The other reason was that there were people who didn’t seem to understand what that direct order means. Some of those that did venture out got in the way of plow trucks and a few ended up stuck in the snow, requiring police and other emergency personnel to dig them out, thus risking their well-being and taking them away from other important business.

Next time – if there is another blizzard or major snow event – anyone found on the road that shouldn’t be there during a state of emergency should be issued a summons with a hefty fine. Then maybe next time, they’ll think twice about putting their own lives and the lives of others in danger.