Pumpkin people are coming

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Pumpkin people are coming


BAY SHORE—The weather might still say summer, but autumn is definitely in the air – at least in the colorful and whimsical decorations of the season. And now the Bay Shore Beautification Society has added another dimension to seasonal decorating: Pumpkin People.

These seasonal icons are popping up all over town. They are the pumpkin head scarecrows, but in this case dressed to represent the businesses where they are placed. A colonial-clad pumpkin lady stands guard by the door to the Bay Shore Historical Society headquarters. A superhero character from a children’s book graces the front lawn of the library, where several other literary pumpkin characters now reside. Private homeowners are getting in on the craze, too.

“People are very excited about this,” said Sue Boudreau, president of the Bay Shore Beautification Society. “It’s a nice thing for the town and the businesses to do.”

Boudreau said she was struck with the idea while traveling through New Hampshire in the fall, where one town had them placed outside of various businesses. “There were bride and groom scarecrows outside of a church and a doctor scarecrow outside a doctor’s office,” she said, adding that’s when she decided to bring it home.

“Now they are really starting to develop [in Bay Shore],” she said. “The library already has four of them.”

Though they’re good head-turners, Boudreau said there’s another reason she hopes the Pumpkin People will catch on. “We’re hoping people will come into our town to see them and then do some shopping here.”

“Once again our outstanding Bay Shore Beautification Society will be decorating our Main Street and other areas of Bay Shore with this novel idea,” said Donna Periconi, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Bay Shore.

“We are so fortunate to have this organization that has worked so hard in Bay Shore over the past 20 years. And they continue to make our community beautiful,” she added.