New exhibit at Islip Arts Museum; rumors squashed
Jarrett Davis, “Exploration of the Terrain between the Time We Were and We Were Not,” 2016, oil on panel.


New exhibit at Islip Arts Museum; rumors squashed


For nearly the rest of the summer, the Islip Arts Museum is hosting its largest annual Open Call Exhibition for residents to visit and enjoy. Entitled “Duality: Glimpses of the Other Side,” the display will remain open to the public during Museum hours through autumn. In addition, executive director Lynda Moran shot down any rumors circulating that the museum would soon be closing its doors for good.

The show’s central theme called for regional artists – most hailing from New York and Long Island – to create pieces relating to the concept of duality in both our inner and external lives.

“Understanding the duality of our world can be an enriching activity, and reflecting it in art showcases the chaos in the mundane, the beauty in the ordinary, and the depravity in the wholesome,” read a portion of the official introduction to the show’s theme on the museum’s walls. “Each individual seeks out what lies beyond their limitations of one’s self and find the hidden underside of our reality.”

In an excerpt from museum literature, curator Scott Bluedorn further elucidated on the concept of duality and its role in a wide array of art across time and space.

“Duality is present throughout art history at every turn, from depictions of the struggles between the righteous and the wicked in Christian religious art and the highly ornate beauty of the Baroque, to the conscious vs. subconscious juxtaposition of Surrealism or the zen ethos of Minimalism,” said Bluedorn. “In our post-modern environment of art-making, the concept of duality continues to present a fertile mine for self-expression as well as exploration of the human mindscape.”

Bluedorn also notes that recurring motifs of dual concepts – including night/day, black/white and good/evil – are “as inherent to our stories as our need to tell them, and reveal much about our nature as conscious beings in a dichotomous universe.”

“We can…observe that within all things there may indeed be its opposite – like two sides of the same coin,” said Bluedorn. “The nature of our ‘common’ reality is such that we may only be able to perceive one aspect at a time, though the realms of philosophy and metaphysics suggest that this [is] but a limitation of personal perspective. To encounter the sublime in the mundane simultaneously, that is true transcendence of the self,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Moran released a statement earlier this week to dispel any rumors circulating that the Town of Islip was seeking to sever its financial ties to the organization situated at Brookwood Hall.

“I saw that there was a rumor on Facebook that we were closing,” said Moran. “Those claims are wrong and completely without merit.”

Moran further squashed any possibility of the Islip Arts Council and Art Museum’s closure in the recent announcement that the organization is actually extending “Duality: Glimpses of the Other Side” beyond its original date of Sunday, Sept. 17 to Sunday, Oct. 15.

“This exhibition has garnered a lot of interest,” said Moran. “So we decided giving the public more time to experience all it has to offer.”

The newly announced museum hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and selected Saturdays.

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