Planning board notes
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Planning board notes


ISLIP TOWN—At the latest Islip Town Planning Board meeting, the board reserved decision on an application seeking a change of zone from Business District to Downtown Development District (DDD) in order to construct a mixed-use building with a community center and senior apartments on the northwest corner of Park Avenue and Mechanicsville Road in Bay Shore (28, 32, and 34 Park Avenue). Site plan modifications were also included in the application.

According to the staff report, the height of the building would be 53 feet (four floors total) with 73,000 total square feet. Seventy-one of the 75 apartments would be one-bedroom, while the remaining four would have two beds. Meanwhile, a separate 8,000-square-foot community center would be built, along with 77 total parking spaces.

Elsewhere, the board weighed a decision item on an application submitted by Elite Towers LP requesting a special permit for a wireless communications facility near the Amvets Post 18 facility at 141 Carleton Avenue in East Islip.

The application calls for a 120-foot model pole on a 1.74-acre lot located on the north side of the Amvets facility with railroad tracks and tall trees situated nearby. The parcel itself is zoned General Service D.

At the latest public hearing last March, one resident in the neighborhood came forward to speak out against the proposal.

“I don’t want to see such a large tower from my home,” she said. “I’m also concerned about negative health effects associated with living nearby. A lot of my neighbors didn’t know about [this application], and I hope they can have another chance to speak.”

The rest of the comments came from Amvets members, who stated that they could utilize the unspecified amount of money offered by Elite Towers to help continue to offer their various aspects of service to the surrounding community and public at large, including blood drives and a range of services for veterans.

During their discussion at the latest meeting, the board wanted to know if there were any other places where a pole could be placed, and if there were any others nearby. It was also noted that the East Islip Fire Department had submitted a letter saying that they could utilize the proposed Amvets pole to replace their current one with a similar aesthetic impact, since it is placed in an unobtrusive location.

Ultimately, the Planning Department also deemed it necessary that the application be submitted before the Zoning Board of Appeals in order to allow for a 110-foot setback.

“The town attorney opined that a variance will be necessary from the Zoning Board of Appeals,” said town planner Sean Colgan. “That being said, should the town grant the application tonight, the staff supports the variance request before the ZBA, as it is the department’s position that doing so would place the tower in a less obtrusive location from the residents to the east.”

In the end, the board unanimously voted to approve the application.

“The staff supports the application as it appears in the proposed location,” added Colgan. “It is the least obtrusive location to provide coverage in this area, and the applicant has offered $12,500 for the planting of street trees and to beautify the surrounding areas. That being said, the staff recommends that the board grant the proposal.” 

The next Islip Town Planning Board meeting will take place on Thursday, Aug. 17 at 6:30 p.m.