Local drug arrest

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Local drug arrest


EAST ISLIP—In the wake of the latest release of the staggering numbers of drug-related fatalities in Suffolk County, an arrest was made last Thursday by Suffolk County Police after they were able to garner a narcotics search warrant that was executed at a residence in East Islip. A similar search done in Huntington Station that morning resulted in another two arrests.  

Though some breathed a sigh of relief from the arrests, others see it as only a small step in the right direction.

 Locally, members of the Third Squad Detectives Special Operations Team, working with the Suffolk-Nassau Heroin Task Force, arrested Daniel Orlando, 18, of 40 Shinnecock Lane in East Islip, after the officers executed a search warrant at his home.

Orlando is accused of distributing heroin and injecting female users with narcotics, one as young as 15. Heroin, alprazolam, drug scales and a hypodermic instrument were seized. The home happens to be only 600 feet from the JFK Elementary School.

Orlando was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree, criminal use of drug paraphernalia in the second degree, criminal possession of a hypodermic instrument, criminal sale of a controlled substance in or near school grounds, three counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance in the third degree, four counts of criminal injection of a narcotic drug, and three counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Suffolk County Legislator Tom Cilmi (R- 10th District), who represents that area, was pleased by the arrest. He said he has made it perfectly clear to all of his constituents that he’d target the drug issue in the community and actively work towards eradicating it.

“People call me all the time with information,” Cilmi said, noting that at one time, he even considered having a hotline in his office for that purpose. He said he had received numerous calls about Orlando.

“It’s been on the radar for two to three years,” he said, and added that any information he received was shared with police. “There were cars coming back and forth [at that location]. He was a known entity in the community.”

However, another East Islip resident, Kathy Koenigsdorf, sees the arrest a little differently. “Danny is a user. He wasn’t charged with large quantities [of drugs],” she said. “There’s a million kids like him out there.”

Koenigsdorf knows the profile all too well. Several years ago, she lost her son Jake to a drug overdose after he had several bouts with rehabilitation in a system she said is inadequate and has failed many of those addicted to drugs. After her loss, she started the Jake Koenigsdorf Foundation in her son’s name to raise money to get addicts to better, extended-stay treatment facilities.

“Everyone is looking for one person to blame,” she said. “The feeling [because of the arrest] is that your kids will be safe. But your kids are not safe. It will be a long time before that happens.”

Koenigsdorf said that she’s hoping local laws will change that require forced evaluation on all those who are found taking drugs, something that currently happens in Florida. “New York does not have that,” she said. “It’s sad because we’re going to lose so many more.” However, she said there is still a benefit to his arrest.

“Maybe one life will change and others will not be affected by his actions for a very long time.”