The ballots are in

The ballots are in


The national Primary that took place on Tuesday, April 19 resulted in two very key winners: Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton. Voter turnout in Suffolk County was better than it usually is on any Primary day. Nick LaLota, commissioner of Suffolk Board of Elections, said, “I’ve spoken to party leaders who were very pleased with the voter turnout.”

Republican turnout in the 2nd Congressional District was 30.7 percent. 

There were 27,813 ballots cast in Suffolk County with Donald Trump taking the lead, receiving 20,510 votes (73.96 percent) and garnering 89 delegates. John R. Kasich received 4,689 votes (16.91 percent) and three delegates. Ted Cruz had 2,279 votes (8.22 percent) and Ben Carson received 252 votes (0.91 percent).

Democrat turnout in the 2nd Congressional District was 26.62 percent.

There were 30,806 ballots cast in all of Suffolk County. Hillary Clinton received 17,194 votes (56.23 percent) and garnered 139 delegates. Bernie Sanders received 13,385 votes (43.77 percent) and 106 delegates.

There were several people running for six delegate positions to the Democratic National Convention. Here’s how the voting turned out:

Christine Pellegrino, 11,607 votes; DuWayne Gregory, 14,616; Dennis G. Trainor, 10,762; Maureen Liccione, 14,663; Elsy A. Sorto, 10,946; Antonio Martinez, 14,840; Scott L. Tyrell, 10,648; Jean Heath, 14,509; Laura M. Curiale, 11,076; Luis Montes-Amaya, 13,937; Joseph S. Tronolone, 10,288; and Kristina Ramos, 14,989.

There will be 4,765 delegates going to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 25-28. The nominee must win 2,383 of them.

The Republican National Convention will host 2,472 delegates in Cleveland, Ohio, on July 18-21. A candidate would need to win 1, 237 of them to get the nomination.