Town Board notes
Islip Town Hall

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Town Board notes


ISLIP TOWN—At the Islip Town Board meeting Tuesday afternoon, the board listened to varying concerns from residents before passing a resolution to accept funding geared towards multiple improvements to the Sept. 11 memorial at Veterans Memorial Park.

During the public comment section, a few residents dismissed rumors circulating that the Islip Animal Shelter had been mishandling its animals while not working hard enough to reunite lost pets with owners. One speaker noted that shelter management and employees even “go above and beyond” the levels that other municipal shelters do for its subjects.

“I’ve been so proud of how the animals are treated there,” said longtime Live.Love.Bark volunteer Theodora Toomey. “I’ve never seen an animal mistreated. As a dog lover myself, I commend the whole staff and I hope you guys will take into consideration [the views] of the people who work there and know what it’s like.”

Meanwhile, Oakdale resident Joanne Festa came forward to thank the town for its recent remediation work around Byron Lake.

“Since Angie [Carpenter] came to our Civic meeting in September, work has been done at the lake,” said Festa, who had complained about the unsavory state of the lake at previous board meetings. “There are new trees and new shrubs. It’s amazing. It’s been such an improvement, and it’s [no longer] an embarrassment to walk around.

“As small as that lake is, it makes a difference for people who live in Oakdale and want to bring their grandchildren there,” continued Festa. “The only thing that hasn’t been done is the dredging of the actual lake, which I hope will happen.” 

West Sayville resident Bruce Garben suggested that the town look into emerging technologies in the aviation industry.

“We have some beautiful assets in this area…including the Bayport Aerodrome that I think are going to grow if they’re [managed properly].

“Aviation is changing greatly,” added Garben “They’re going to start making hybrid airplanes that are much quieter, nicer and more efficient. I think you should find some method to get our airports ready for this.”

Bay Shore resident Sal Cataldo, who owns the Sunset Restaurant at Islip Beach and its sister location on Main Street, asked the town to support his business as the upcoming summer season approaches. In the past, a few residents living near the beach had come before the board to complain about excessively high levels of noise emanating from the restaurant – which features live music (including karaoke) and serves alcohol – near their homes.

“We don’t want to feel like criminals this year,” said Cataldo, who noted that “one resident” frequently called the police to voice noise complaints over the past two seasons. “We promote a family place. There are rumors that we’re not allowed to have entertainment this year, but as far as I know, we can. We have the support of the public, but we don’t really have the support of the town.”

Cataldo said that no hard alcohol is served on the premises and that all music stops before sundown.

“I think we’ve done a good job,” he said. “The only people I see intoxicated are people [having their own private parties]. We run a nice place, and we want the town board and the town behind us. I think we deserve it.”

During the regular business portion, the board unanimously passed a resolution accepting a donation worth $6,000 from the Islip Town Fire Chief’s Council to fund a granite base for the town’s World Trade Center 9/11 steel beam, set to be relocated to Veterans Memorial Park adjacent to Town Hall. In addition, individual community members plan to volunteer their time to modify the current cement path at the site and beautify the area surrounding the monument.   

Elsewhere, Supervisor Carpenter took a moment to commend the town’s staff for its efforts after Islip’s bond rating was upgraded back up to “AAA” in recent weeks.

“It’s a validation of everything we’ve been doing,” said Carpenter. “The town board and I are trying to really professionalize how we operate this town.”

The next Islip Town Board meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 19 at 7 p.m.