The tradition continues

Provided by Rabbi Stillerman

The tradition continues


BRIGHTWATERS—On Tuesday, Dec. 8, a large group of residents gathered at the scenic Brightwaters Canal for the second annual menorah lighting in commemoration of the first day of Chanukah named “Chanukah on Main Street.” The event was sponsored by local Jewish organization Chabad of Islip, an affiliate of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, which is an international movement with thousands of community centers all over the world.  

Rabbi Shimon Stillerman said that the event was well attended and that he expects it to become an annual tradition as it grows larger every year.

“It was nice to spend an evening by the canal with such nice weather,” said Stillerman.  

Brightwaters Village Trustee Christian Sullivan was on hand to welcome the crowd. During the lighting of the giant menorah, the group prayed, lit candles and sang traditional songs together in celebration of the holiday. Other features of the event included face painting, Chanukah crafts, hot latkes, donuts and a grand raffle prize.

“Our message is that we may be only holding one candle alone, but together we can form a huge amount of light and transform the world into a better place,” said Stillerman. “We can add goodness to the world and love to one another.”

It has been two years since Chabad of Islip first joined the local community, and during that time they have expanded their influence considerably.

“We’re very fast-growing, and constantly adding new programs and services,” said Stillerman. “We are not membership-based or labeled in any way. All Jews are welcome, and each can explore at their own level and their own pace as they grow with it.” 

To learn more about Chabad of Islip, visit or call 913-8770.