Parts of capital bond fall short of supermajority
Islip Town Hall

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Parts of capital bond fall short of supermajority


ISLIP TOWN—At Tuesday’s Islip Town Board meeting, a vote failed to pass on a $505,000 capital bond resolution that would initiate projects for immediate town-wide purposes. As a result, Supervisor Angie Carpenter plans to reintroduce the same resolution for vote at the next meeting in two weeks. Meanwhile, the rest of the bond resolutions—which consisted of $500,000 for marinas and bulkheads, $150,000 for various 10-year projects, and $650,000 for various 15-year projects—passed unanimously.

The highlighted resolution includes $90,000 for the acquisition of light vehicles and equipment, $50,000 for tree removal and replacement, $65,000 for the acquisition of prismatic traffic sheeting, and $300,000 for security system improvements. The latter would allow for the installation of security cameras at Bay Shore train station, which will also soon have its own paid parking program spearheaded by Councilman John Cochrane Jr. Before voting on the resolution, Carpenter referenced a contentious public meeting that took place at the Bay Shore-Brightwaters Public Library the night before that covered the details of the soon-to-be first Islip LIRR lot to charge for parking.

“The meeting was heated at times,” said Carpenter. “It wasn’t anything we were required to do, but quite frankly, in the interests of disclosure and wanting to present what was going on, we felt it was important. We’ve been very honest with the community, and we’re going to do some other things that have been lacking at not just this train station, but others in the future, which is to improve security.”

Carpenter noted the importance of enhancing security measures in light of recent events like the Paris terrorist attacks.

“I think in light of what happened in France a very short time ago, it sort of heightens the need for us being vigilant,” said Carpenter. “In fact, I had a conversation with NYS Senator [Tom] Croci yesterday… He has been involved in homeland security in his role, and he was saying that the federal government is reaching down to municipalities on the state, county and local level asking us to do our part, and we are trying to do that as far as keeping the public safe.”

However, the item failed to meet its supermajority requirement of four votes, with Councilman Anthony Senft and Councilwoman Trish Bergin Weichbrodt voting no. Senft declined comment following the meeting, while Bergin Weichbrodt was unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, Carpenter afterwards said that she was “disappointed” that the vote failed to pass, and that she could not speculate on which particular aspect of the bond was deemed unsatisfactory by fellow board members.

“This has been vetted for a long time, and I thought I made it abundantly clear,” said Carpenter. “Last night [at the public meeting] there was an expectation that we were going to be moving forward with the improvements at the Bay Shore train station—which we will do—but hopefully, this won’t put a monkey wrench in things as far as security is concerned.”

Carpenter noted that there has been an increase in loitering, prostitution, and drug dealing at that location.

“And that’s not the only one,” she said. “I think I made it clear that this is just the first step towards other locations in the town. There have been incidents at [other stations], and we’re in a maintenance agreement with the MTA to maintain those stations and provide a safe environment for the commuting public.”

Nevertheless, Carpenter assured that the same item would be back up for vote at the next board meeting in two weeks.

“Two weeks is a long time,” said Carpenter. “Hopefully, whatever reservations anyone has [can be resolved] after speaking with the commissioners or the people working with Councilman Cochrane, because he’s really worked very, very hard on this whole program, as have a number of other people. Maybe if there are some questions, they can be answered and we can have a positive outcome at our next meeting.”

The next Islip Town Board meeting will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 15 at 2 p.m.