LIRR pedestrian crossing an issue
The pedestrian crossing at Islip Train Station might be eliminated.


LIRR pedestrian crossing an issue


ISLIP—The State Department of Transportation held a hearing on Tuesday, Nov. 17 on the proposed closing of the pedestrian walkway at the west end of the Islip Train Station. The Long Island Rail Road called for the meeting, which was driven by concerns about pedestrian safety. 

“In the interest of safety, the Long Island Rail Road is seeking permission from the New York State Department of Transportation to eliminate the pedestrian crossing located at the west end of Islip Station and instead have commuters cross further west at the Nassau Avenue crossing,” said MTA LIRR spokesperson Salvatore Arena. “LIRR train crews raised concern that pedestrians were not always heeding the audio/visual device that warns of an oncoming train as they crossed over the double set of tracks to access parking lots on opposite sides of the station. The pedestrian crossing is not equipped with crossing gates,” he said, noting that the Nassau Avenue crossing is fully equipped with the crossing gates and all warning signals.

“A study done by the LIRR confirmed the hazard and recommended that the pedestrian crossing be eliminated,” Arena said.

That case was presented before DOT Administrative Law Judge Robert A. Rybak at Tuesday’s meeting, which was held at 9 a.m. in the State Office Building in Hauppauge. The judge reserved decision until he can receive public comment on the issue.

Anyone interested in commenting in writing should address them to Judge Rybak at Perry B. Duryea State Office Building in Hauppauge.