Congrats to all of the candidates

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Congrats to all of the candidates


As in all elections, there will be those who win the race and others that do not. By the time of this printing, we already know where this year’s candidates fit into that equation. It’s time for everyone to step back, take a deep breath and allow the elected to begin to lead while the others step aside.

There are no real losers in this type of a competition, though. All of the contenders put their hard work, and no doubt their hearts, into running a race.  They have spent the past several months or longer shaking hands at shopping centers and walking neighborhoods to meet residents. They attended civic meetings and debates, which took place on their free time. That’s an effort that should be appreciated and perhaps even applauded; not everyone would be willing to make that sort of a commitment without guarantee of a positive outcome.

To the winners, we bid you all sincere congratulations. The people have put their faith in you by casting their vote. 

This newspaper has spoken to a number of voters about their concerns for the future that they hope their newly elected leaders would be able to address. At the top of that list seems to be the frustration caused by increasing taxes that make living here on Long Island all the more difficult. Some say they want government to be more accessible and responsive to their concerns. Listen to what these voices have to say and then make decisions that will best serve all of the people, rather than just a few.

Remember that from now on, your constituents will be counting on you to lead them toward what they hope will be a more promising future. Don’t let them down.

Clear the signs

Despite a law in Islip that prohibits the use of signage on public property, every election season, the highways and open spaces around our neighborhoods are littered with annoying campaign signage. It’s perfectly acceptable to place these advertisements on private property, but they have no place anywhere else, especially on land—including parkland—belonging to the county and the town. 

That said, now that the elections are over, it’s time to clear away the signs. Just do it. Do it now!