A victory for the county, defeat for Islip Town
Rich Schaffer and Steve Bellone rally the joyous crowd after his reelection.


A victory for the county, defeat for Islip Town


ISLIP TOWN—Inside the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 25 hall in Hauppauge, which had doubled as Democratic Headquarters Tuesday night, the excitement at times was palpable as campaign workers began trickling in for the election results. By the end of the night, when most of the votes were tallied, the county candidates retained a Democratic legislature that includes Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone. However, Islip Town Democrats didn’t do as well, losing three board positions including Islip Town supervisor as well as town clerk and receiver of taxes.

 Before the results were known though, Brightwaters Village Mayor Joe McDermott, who was vying for a town council position, sat with family members and scanned the oversized white boards displaying the results. McDermott said he’d been campaigning that day since 5 a.m., first at the train station and then in communities, until about 7 p.m. “It’s been good,” he said, before a glance up at the board showing his Republican opponents with a sizeable lead faded his smile. He added that he would remain hopeful.

“It’s still early yet,” said campaign worker Dennis Farrell of Sayville. Though Farrell helped all of the town candidates, he said he was focused on helping Tom Licari win the supervisor position. “It’s a tough race,” he remarked. “Angie Carpenter has been around a long time. She’s very well known.

“But, Licari would be great for the town,” he added. “He’d run it like a business and get it back to where it should be.”

Meanwhile, Legislator Bill Lindsay III (8th District) maintained a strong lead over his opponent, Mary Calamia. Lindsay would later win that race with 55.51 percent of the votes.* Bellone’s race was far from tight as well. With 997 of the county’s 1052 districts reporting, his lead over James O’Connor was 94,186 to 70,894. By the end of the night, Bellone garnered 57.16* percent of votes and won another term.

In Islip, Judge William Ford of Central Islip won a seat on the Supreme Court’s 10th Judicial District. And incumbent Democrat Monica Martinez, who lost her party line earlier in the campaign, beat her opponent Giovanni Mata with 52.34* percent of votes by running on the Working Families, Independent and Women’s Equality lines.

Suffolk County Democratic Chairman Rich Schaffer thanked all of the volunteers for all of their hard work and support, especially to help get the vote out. “Every vote counts,” he said.

Newly reelected Bellone addressed the crowd, thanking his volunteers and members of his family. He said that the people of Suffolk County “delivered a mandate” that would enable him to continue his and the entire legislature’s work on reforming government by making it more efficient; work to protect the quality of Long Island waters; and grow the economy to provide higher paying jobs. “Let’s work together to create a brighter future for all of Suffolk County,” he said. “We will work hard every day and that work begins tomorrow.”

*The results were listed as Unofficial on the Suffolk County Board of Elections website at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning.