Mary Kate Mullen (Republican, Conservative): Candidate
Mary Kate Mullen

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Mary Kate Mullen (Republican, Conservative): Candidate


This is the first political run for Mary Kate Mullen, an attorney and mother of three. She said that since her kids are a little older, she has more time to devote to political office.

“I can now get involved in helping to make this town better. I have the education, training and experience to make hard decisions that will have a positive impact on Islip’s future.”

Currently, Mullen is senior council and oversees the Bohemia office of a Manhattan law firm. In addition to serving as a trial attorney, she spent 18 years as a Suffolk County senior assistant district attorney, with more than four of those years prosecuting cases in the Narcotics Bureau.

Mullen, who grew up in Huntington, said one of the reasons she wanted to run for office is because she’d like to make some changes that would not only improve the quality of life locally, but might also help keep people from moving out of the area.

“I’m one of six kids, and I’m the only one left here on Long Island,” she said, noting that her siblings moved away for better job opportunities.

“We need to encourage businesses to come to Islip. Any way we can generate business is good for the economy.”

Mullen referred to Islip as the “gem of Long Island,” adding, however, that she’s heard from residents that it is difficult to do business here. She said technology would help to make Town Hall run more efficiently. “I want to see Islip move forward,” she remarked.

The candidate responded to a number of issues and concerns that have been raised about the town, such as the issue of increasing taxes.

“I will do everything I can to bring down taxes,” she said. “I’ll look at the budget and see where we can make cuts.

 “Government should be run more like a business or a household. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it,” she said.

She said Long Island MacArthur Airport is a great asset to the town and to all of Long Island. She said if elected, she’d look into what could be done to draw more airlines to the airport. 

Mullen said the Roberto Clemente Park situation in Brentwood was a result of poor management. “People weren’t doing their jobs. If they were, that wouldn’t have happened.

“I don’t think that was something that could have been anticipated, though. Who would think that would happen?” She said in the future, there needs to be a system in place where work sites are more vigilantly checked.

The candidate said she has enjoyed walking around Islip and meeting new people.

“I want to do a good job for the people of Islip, now and in the future,” she said. “I want my kids to eventually be able to afford living here and not move away.

“The way I’ve been trained to think will be an asset to the town. I’m a busy person, but a great time manager.

“But, win or lose, it’s all been a great experience.”

Mullen is a member of several professional organizations and is an avid swimmer and runner. She won in her age category at the Long Island Marathon last month.

She and her husband and children reside in Bayport.