A minor miracle
Pictured left to right:  David Manion, keyboards, voice; Ronnie Platt, vocals, keyboards; Billy Greer, bass, vocals; Monica Musetti Carlin, guitar recipient, journalist, music lover; David Ragsdale, violin, guitar, vocals; and Richard Williams, guitar (including the signed acoustic I won) and original Kansas band member. The band’s drummer is not pictured. 

Liz Sullivan

A minor miracle


ISLIP TOWN—I attended the Kansas concert at the Patchogue Theatre on Saturday night with friends. While we were waiting for the show to begin, the band’s manager came out on stage and asked the audience to photograph a poster that was displayed on the stage and then text it to an address he gave us. He said someone in the audience would win a guitar autographed by the whole band and also get a chance to meet and take photos with them.  Everyone took out their cellphone cameras and we all took our shots. My friend Carol was reading me the text address one letter at a time... it was comical. 

A short time later, lo and behold, I got a text back saying, “Congratulations, you have won the guitar!” I couldn’t believe it, and asked my friends to read the message as well to see if I’d read it correctly.

Such a great surprise!  As promised, I was invited backstage to meet the band and they all signed the guitar.  They were also gracious enough to allow me to bring my entourage along for the meeting.            

Now about Kansas—their performance was stellar!  I went from being a fan to being a bigger fan, and not only because I won the guitar.  Their electrifying performance had the audience dancing, singing and cheering along to their hits: “Carry On Wayward Son” and “Dust in the Wind,” as well as their newer music, alternately ranging from classic rock to spectacular symphonic numbers with the addition of a violin.  

Like the line from one of their songs, “seems like a minor miracle out of nowhere.”