Olga Murray (Republican, Conservative): Incumbent
Olga Murray

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Olga Murray (Republican, Conservative): Incumbent


Since taking the office of Islip Town Clerk nearly four years ago, Olga Murray has been kept so busy she often wonders where all that time has gone.

“Time flies when you’re having a good time,” she remarked lightly. “But I’m fortunate because I really do like my job.”

Murray, a mother of three daughters, is an attorney who had been in private practice before running for office. She has used her knowledge of the law in her position and says she is constantly trying to make the office more user-friendly and efficient.

During her tenure, she has managed to make some significant changes in her department.

“The biggest change is the new computer system,” she said. “It tracks each and every transaction that comes into the office.”

With the new system, Murray said she is able to track each transaction, “following the money from beginning to end. That’s a beautiful thing because there is 100 percent accountability,” she added. 

In line with the new computers, she said that her office could now provide dog owners with the resources to find a lost pet, 24/7. On the website, there is a list of agencies and facilities with addresses and phone numbers where frantic pet owners can reach out for help any day and any time of the day.

One of the major challenges she has had to face is the timely processing of special events applications, a demand that she said has grown significantly in recent years.

“I’m trying to streamline the applications for special events and make sure the fire departments and [other] emergency services are involved in the approval process,” she said. Murray said that since these events, such as 5K races and street fairs, often require road closures, it is important to have everyone on the same page to achieve a more coordinated event.

In an effort to move Islip’s infrastructure forward both physically and technologically, Murray said she would look into applying for grants and forming public/private partnerships that would cover those costs and help get that work done. She said she’d also like to see Islip do more to promote its rich history.

In an effort to better serve in her position, Murray said she has become more involved with the Nassau/Suffolk Town Clerk’s Association, where she was elected and is currently serving as secretary and treasurer.

“Professional growth doesn’t just happen in companies,” she said, adding that being a member of that organization and meeting others with her position has been an important resource and an opportunity to “learn from one another.”

Murray also serves on the Advisory Board of the Suffolk County Salvation Army and is the Americanism chair for the Auxiliary of the American Legion Rusy-Bohm Post in Islip.

She resides in Oakdale, where she is raising three daughters.

“I look forward to carrying the torch and continue on [as clerk], moving the town ahead. I’m very happy to serve the people in the Town of Islip,” she added.