Enough already

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Enough already



One only has to read a newspaper, turn on the television, tune in to the radio or jump on any of the social media sites to hear the same old tired political theme over and over again—liberal versus conservative. Commentators, who for the most part, have never run for public office, spewing the same worn out rhetoric with their primary goal of keeping their audience, ratings and a healthy and continuous paycheck.

How many times do we have to listen to what Ronald Reagan would have done were he still President? Ronald Reagan left the Presidency 26 years ago in 1989. In that period of time, an entire generation of Americans have grown up and many of them put Reagan, in terms of awareness, in the same category as Kennedy, Roosevelt and Wilson: they were former Presidents of the United States, and that’s about it.

Americans today want leaders who will deal with the very serious challenges we face domestically and internationally in a straightforward, decisive manner. Whether the solution is conservative or liberal is irrelevant. What’s important is that you have leaders who aren’t afraid to make difficult decisions to solve difficult problems and are willing to endure the wrath of politically partisan commentators and reporters. 

As Americans, we have the right to like or dislike our elected officials. You may support or criticize the programs and policies of President Obama, but just remember that a majority of Americans who voted elected him twice. What you get when you do that is the entire package, and in the end, you get what you voted for.

So the media as a whole keeps on regurgitating the far right conservative and the far left liberal hogwash while some Americans search for that true leader who isn’t afraid to do just that—lead—regardless of the negative feedback from the so-called media political wizards and Monday morning quarterbacks.